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Josh Weidman

Head Trainer/Co Founder



Joshua Weidman is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park. He worked as an in-home sales person in the remodeling industry where he gained hands-on knowledge of basic construction. His success led him to open and run Liberty Home Remodeling in Philadelphia where he enhanced his expertise in the construction field. In 2007, Josh began investing in real estate. Over the past 6 years, Josh has become an expert wholesaler with a buyers list of more then 14,000 active investors and has successfully completed several hundred transactions including wholesales, rehabs and rentals. He also runs his own property management business, Atlas Property Management LLC, which has a portfolio of hundreds of single family and multi-family residential properties. Due to his experience and passion for teaching, Josh teamed up with Hard Money Bankers, LLC as the resident Real Estate Trainer and blogger. He is currently an active real estate investor focusing on wholesaling and rehabbing while he continues to expand his rental portfolio. At REI 360, Josh spends his time developing educational content and mentoring real estate investors who want to reach the next level in their career.

Chris Haddon




Chris is one of the Founders of REI 360 as well as Hard Money Bankers, a leading private lending company located in the DC Metro area. He is involved daily in the operations, content and marketing of REI 360. As an avid real estate and Internet entrepreneur, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and vision to the REI 360 community.

Jason Balin




Jason Balin is a real estate entrepreneur based in Columbia, Maryland. He concentrates the majority of his time as a partner of Hard Money Bankers and the co-founder of REI360.net. Jason started investing in real estate in 2004 several years after graduating with a B.S. in management from the University of Delaware. Jason has been featured as a speaker on many radio and Internet outlets as well as real estate investment groups

Tony Karlicek

VP of Business Development




Karen Saidman

Community Manager



Karen Saidman joined the team at REI 360 in 2015 as our Community Manager. She brings tons of enthusiasm and years of relationship building and customer service experience to the REI 360 team. Her daily activities include assisting Members with anything they may need and interacting with the REI 360 community in the Forums and on social media.