Deal Tracker
Manage all of your real estate transactions inside your easy to use, custom dashboard.  Track your deals by lead type, referral source, status and more.  Manage the flow of every transaction through Marketing, Negotiations, Valuation, Construction, Financing, Settlement and more.  Run marketing and financial reports.  This works with all real estate transactions including flip, wholesales, rentals and more… Manage your To Do list, Activities, Calendar, docs, contracts, photos, etc…  Directly Email and click to call through the software.

E-Comps 360
Pull comps on any subject property and find up to 20 comps to help determine the value. Key Features include:1) Pulling comps without access to MLS2)
Getting the proper comparable data3) View tax records4)View comps in map and street view. Always do your homework and check comps while analyzing your deals

Your Own Website
Get your very own real estate investing website to attract local property buyers and sellers. The easy step-by-step process can all be done right inside the Members’ Area. Choose from 4 unique proven website designs and get an email to brand your company.

Email Marketing: Autoresponders and Broadcasts
Set up customer or template email autoresponders to contacts on your website (Free website is also included with the software).  Choose between Seller, Buyer and Contact forms and set unlimited email autoresponders that will be timed out to email based on your custom options.  Email Broadcasts can be sent inside the system to all your contact types.  Blast emails to your seller leads, wholesaler buyers list, private lenders and more…

Contact Management Software(CRM)
Proprietary Customer Relationship Management software organizes all of your contacts for buyers, sellers, Realtors, lenders, etc. The system can even
instantly merge letters, contracts, labels and more to send to these contacts.

All real estate investors need automation to help create and populate flyers in bulk. This Flyer Generator will merge Wholesale Flyers and Investment Opportunity flyers to quickly promote your deal to potential buyers, lenders, partners, investors and more.

Construction Estimator
Let’s face it: construction jobs frequently come in over budget and over timeframe. That is a known part of the real estate business. There are many ways
to troubleshoot this process which Josh covers in depth in the Rehabbing Made Easy course.But you should never miss a cost simply because you forgot about it.
That’s what the Construction Estimator was created for. There are dozens of line item costs in a rehab job so don’t try to memorize them all! Use our tool to
make your life a little easier.

Profit Maximizer
This awesome tool was developed by Josh Weidman’s office out of necessity. Josh and his staff needed a way to quickly analyze a potential deal (without missing
any of the costs) to see:1) How profitable the deal would be2) Based on the project’s costs and resale price, how much he could offer the sellerIt is very easy to miss certain costs like property taxes, carrying costs, utilities, etc. If you’ve done a couple deals, you know this firsthand. So please check out the software and avoid some of the mistakes most investors make!

Get full access to updated forms, contracts and marketing material. Most of these are in word docs, pdf or excel spreadsheets.
We have designed software for some of these forms in order to automate them.

Any successful real estate investor will tell you that if you want to do deals consistently, you’ll be making a lot of offers. The reality is that most
sellers won’t accept the offer at the price you’re willing to pay. This is part of the business and everyone knows it. It’s what we call a “numbers game” meaning you make a lot of offers on a lot of properties and a percentage of them will be accepted.Since our team is submitting several contracts each week, we wanted to make that process as quick and accurate as possible, which is why we designed the Sales Contract Generator. Try it out! Then get out there and make some offers!

The Rental Property Analyzer is perfect for quickly and efficiently analyzing rental properties. The tool is broken down into four sections including 1. Purchase and construction costs, 2. Income details, 3. Expenses, 4. Cash flow. All sections are expandable to add additional deals.

We believe in running our businesses in a professional manner– safe, serious and accurate. We suggest you do the same. Please take advantage of the
calculators we have provided and let us know if there is anything you would like us to add.

Follow industry professionals that can help with your learning curve and recommend resources to make your investing business easier and less expensive. Resources include: 24-Hour Real Estate Hotline, Ongoing education and courses, access to updated forms, contracts and marketing pieces, access to the cheapest and best service providers to manage your business.

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