Focus for the Holidays

focusIn a prior life I was a wrestler. The sport was a major part of my life for more than 20 years. During that time I built a lot of great relationships and learned a lot of great life lessons. Not the least of which is a saying that often comes to mind toward the end of each year.

Wrestling is a sport of strength, speed and stamina. It’s not always the best competitor who wins the match. At the highest levels of competition, its often just one point that separates the victor and the defeated. For that reason, good wrestlers try to make advantage of every opportunity.
Score at the edge of the mat and the end of the period.

The phrase and its implications were beat (metaphorically) into my head over and over and over. There’s opportunity when others let down their guard and relax.

I’ve found the same principle holds true in Real Estate investing. There’s opportunity when everyone else is relaxing.

The holiday season is full of family, friends and fun. Parties and get-togethers are a joyful part of life in our culture. This is also the time of year when fewer people are buying home. Fewer investors are crowding the market. Productivity slows.

One thing that doesn’t change during the holiday season is that people still want or need to sell their properties. This time of the year can be especially painful for people facing financial distress. With a smaller pool of buyers, investors have the opportunity to pull in some great deals.

I love spending time with my family during the holidays. But when you hear Christmas songs playing on your radio this year I want you to hear “Score at the edge of the mat and the end of the period.” Everyone else is relaxing. There’s opportunity to be had.