Identify Market Cycles To Make Money In Any Market

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Real Estate Market Cycles


Here are some past trainings we did that are fully available inside REI 360:

  • How To Wholesale REO Properties

  • Why I Only Invest In My Own Market

  • Getting Leads Via Email

  • Building a Killer Buyers List

  • How to Build a Bulletproof Lease

  • Negotiating with Sellers

  • Marketing for Motivated Sellers

  • Bird Dogging

  • Wholesaling

  • Financing Options

  • Direct Mailing Lists

  • I just got my first deal, now what?

  • Flipping Properties with a Home Inspection in Mind

  • Wholesaling Properties: From Buyers side

  • Buying Properties On MLS

  • Bare Bones to Get Your First Deal

  • Live Look In on a Recent Flip Deal

  • Working with REO Agents

  • Automating Your Investing Business

  • Getting into Real Estate

  • Canvass Marketing

  • Benefits of a Website

  • Running and processing leads

  • Getting Seller Leads


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