New Website Launch, Real Estate Investor’s #1 Tool Kit and Training Resource, would like to announce the launch of our brand new website.  Our staff of developers, designers and content team has been working on the new site for the past few months and we are really excited to hear what our Members have to say.


These are a few of the enhanced features:


Free Community Account

Anyone at all is welcome to create a free account to interact with the Community.  We feel that it is most beneficial to our Members, non-Members and the real estate investing community as a whole to allow everyone to connect, share resources and experiences, and further their real estate businesses. It is our goal to build the #1 team of investors in our industry and we feel this is an important step toward that.

Visit our Community page here:


Access to More Free Education

It has been our policy since launch to provide everyone with free video trainings, podcasts, success stories and reports.  Before now, previously released educational material wasn’t easily accessed on the site, but we have now revamped that section so that any website visitor can find all the free real estate content that we have made public.

Check out the Education page here:


Enhanced Description of Tools

Our signature tools such as the website builder, e-Comps 360, Profit Maximizer and more now each have a video tutorial on the website so you can see exactly how it works prior to becoming a Member.  Many people do sign up for Membership in order to use our tools in their business so we wanted everyone to be able to see how they work.

Test drive the Tools here:


We hope you enjoy!  We are really excited about our new enhanced website and many other cool things to come this year.  We are dedicated to building the best online platform AND team of Members in the real estate industry and we would love for you to join us.  Thanks!