Podcast with Mark Bloom of NetWorth Realty

Chris from REI 360 interviews Mark Bloom: speaker, investor and owner of NetWorth realty

In this podcast they cover:

  •  How Mark got started in real estate in FL and made the move to TX…at the exact right time
  • How Mark has ramped his team up 100+ wholesale deals per month.  Wow.
  • Mark’s take on the current economy, real estate market and what to look out for
  • How to safely buy in a market where you don’t live
  • How to team up with NetWorth realty.  They’re recruiting!

Listen to the podcast here now

Podcast with Mark Bloom

Chris met Mark when they spoke on a panel together at a hard money lenders conference in FL.  He knew Mark would be a great addition to the faculty at REI 360 because he’s a very sharp and motivated investor running an awesome business.

To contact Mark, please visit his website: http://www.networthrealtyusa.com/