Podcast with Randy Quay

Chris from REI 360 interviews top Texas real estate investor Randy Quay from Homewood Properties

In this podcast they cover:

  •  How Randy got started in real estate and soon was able to focus on it full-time
  • How he quickly ramped up to 25+ rehab deals per year
  • How he tacked on 5-10 wholesale deals per MONTH
  • His favorite investing strategies in 2013 and beyond
  • Randy’s top two methods for locating great deals

Listen to the podcast here now:

Podcast with Randy Quay

This was a great interview that perfectly fits the mold of what REI 360 is all about–  real people doing real deals.  We would like to thank Randy and his team for sharing some awesome info and we look forward to having them as part of the REI 360 community.

To contact Randy, please visit his website: http://homewoodproperties.com/