The Tale of Two Investors

take-actionIn the past week, I have had the pleasure of talking to two different investors. Both of these investors are at completely different points in their investing career. There is one fundamental difference that separates them.

Investor 1, let’s call him Dan, has a problem that many people have. Dan is stuck in the Education phase of his career. He has been to several seminars, classes, and has read several book on Real Estate Investing. He’s a member of a Real Estate Investing club even. He even took a weekend seminar of mine where he wrote out this detailed calendar for the next 12 months of every step he needs to take to reach his goals. That was 3 months ago – he’s still exactly where he was when he left the seminar.

Investor 2, let’s call him John, is a blue collar guy. He has been a firefighter for the last several years. Several of his coworkers got into Real Estate Investing and he got to watch them from afar. He saw their successes and their flops. He became interested but he had no real idea of how to invest, what to invest in, or how to get started. He sat down after a brief discussion and made a list of some marketing ideas. He got down to work immediately. Before you knew it, he had his first house under contract. That was 6 months ago. Today, he has rehabbed one property, wholesaled one property, and has 3 properties under contract.

Did you figure out the difference that separates Dan and John in their careers?


The word of the day people is action. I want you to understand something – without action – all of your education is useless. You can buy courses, invest in your education, and spend all the time in the world trying to learn every single strategy there is to buying and selling real estate. No matter how many classes you take, seminars you attend, or books you buy or even read – unless you take action you will get nowhere in this career.

At the end of the day what separates the men from the boys is one simple thing – action. The people who aren’t afraid to go out and take a little risk for a big reward make all the profits that are to be had in this career. In one year, Dan is going to be looking up to John after he has attended another seminar, read a few more books, but taken no action himself.

I want you to stop what you are doing and absorb these words. Wherever you are in your career – I challenge you. Today, stop waiting, get up, and take action. Get out there and start making things happen. You will be amazed at how much you are prepared to take on. You just need the courage to follow your dreams and trust in yourself that you have this. Go out and do. Don’t keep sitting around waiting for a miracle to fall out of the sky. Make the miracle – be the miracle. Take a risk and see where it takes you.

If you didn’t succeed in your first try that’s okay. Get out there and try again. Eloise Ristad said, “When we give ourselves permission to fail, we, at the same time, give ourselves the permission to excel.” I challenge you today; give yourself the permission to excel.