What is Turn Key Real Estate?


Private property is a cornerstone of capitalism and democracy. Land ownership has been a source of family pride, the foundation of wealth and an expression of financial stability for more than a thousand years. It is no wonder that so many people dream of investing in Real Estate.

Real Estate investing is a great business. There is tremendous opportunity for build wealth through multiple investment strategies. Real Estate is unique in its ability to provide short term income and long term appreciation. By leveraging liquid capital, Real Estate provides the opportunity for returns infrequently realized in any other industry.

Successful returns are not guaranteed. Real Estate, just like any investment, carries the possibility for loss. Certain factors impact the extent of investment risk. This risk can be minimized or even eliminated through educated analysis, unemotional decisions and experienced execution.

Turn Key Philly specializes in working with investors to maximize their investment returns while minimizing the risk of the investment. We provide this turn key option to our clients in three simple steps.

Step 1: Financial Analysis and Action Plan

Our knowledgeable team of professionals works with each client determining their unique financial goals and then creating an action plan for immediate steps toward success.

The financial analysis begins with a review of current assets and accessible capital. Then each client discusses their financial objectives within the next 10 years, 5 years, 3 years and 1 year time horizon.

Finally Turn Key Philly provides a detailed action plan customized to meet each client’s goals. This includes a description of various locations and types of assets available. In addition, the action plan provides guidance for the number of properties and timeline to meet the objectives as discussed.

Step 2: Implementation

Turk Key Philly then presents the client with a list of assets carefully selected to match those specific requirements. After selection, our trained construction staff completes strategic improvements designed to minimize maintenance costs and to appeal to the largest pool of prospective tenants.

Implementation may be tiered over several months or immediate depending on the details of the client action plan. Each step of acquisition and construction are closely monitored to assure the highest level of protection and quality for each investor.

Step 3: Portfolio Management

As soon as a property is ready for a new resident, the Turn Key Philly leasing team takes action. Professional-grade photographs are paired with attractive descriptions and advanced marketing technology to attract a large number of qualified prospects. Prospects are given private showings to answer specific questions and to present the property in the most favorable light.

Every applicant is screened against 3 stringent criteria. Applications are analyzed in the areas of rental history, income and credit history. Only the most qualified applicants are accepted as Turn Key Philly residents.

Occupied units are turned over the Turn Key Philly Real Estate Asset Management Team. These individuals are responsible for collecting rents, responding to service requests, processing and paying bills and presenting monthly financial reports. Clients join a pool of over 500 other managed units where we have a successful rent collection rate greater than 95%.

Turn Key Philly provides all of the benefits of Real Estate investing while limiting the risk with our knowledge and experience. Each step in the investment process has been developed and specialized to maximize investment success. Our clients benefit from our turn key model. Each asset is an all-inclusive, 100% hands-free Real Estate investment.


photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc